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A scholarship based program to encourage literacy, advance education, and bring involvement with the community. This was initiated for such young individuals that have great potentials but limited resources to further their education.

Education is at the core of Hopefield Network’s activities. We believe that the future can be shaped for better through quality education of future leaders. Our focus is the pupils in public schools who are at a disadvantage in the society. We collaborate with individuals and organisations to renovate schools, provide scholarship and funding for brilliant students thereby reducing number of out of schools children.

Annual Children’s Day celebration for public school pupils is our flagship program impacting lives of younger generations. We select public schools based on recommendations and form an alliance with Local Education Authority in such locality. The supports and willingness of our volunteers is impressive and we would continue to expand the scope year on year. Besides donating school kits and writing materials, we also leverage the program to discover brilliant pupils through competitions and award scholarships to respective winners.

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Favour Adetumbi, JSS 1

This young girl was the winner at the 2017 spelling bee challenge conducted by Hopefield Network. She was the Senior prefect of her elementary school. In addition to her academic genius, she is very charismatic and confident, personal attributes that can be beneficial to the society in achieving success.

She is a scholarship beneficiary sponsored by one of our partners.

Tobi Adeyemi, JSS1

This young boy here won the 2018 Spelling Bee Challenge conducted by Hopefield Network. He is being raised by a single-dad in a local community in Osun State. He is currently a Scholarship beneficiary sponsored by our partners.

He is currently in Junior Secondary School in Kwara State.