Social Impacts Lab


(Network. Learn. Grow)

Welcome to the home of Social Innovators
Whether you are a Small organization or Big Company, we make your innovation collaborative through creation of shared values for you and your target audience.

We are Leaders

We lead Social Innovation and revolutionize collaborations for small and large companies.

We are Experts

We advise governments and large corporations and are open to learning.

We are Friends

We build a community of Innovators and collaborators. We connect with others to aim higher.


We bring together Social Innovators and their friends together to connect, grow, collaborate and gain visibility for their work. A platform to meet talents (employees) and take their projects to the next level.


  • Organize Masterclasses for Students/Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs

  • Facilitate Grants for SMEs/Business Ideas within our network

  • Expose SMEs within our network to media coverage

  • Induct Social Innovators into Social Innovation Association


  • Bring together a community of Social Innovators, Experts and Friends across Africa.

  • Develop Partnership and Collaborative Strategies in Social Innovations

  • Create a pool of talents and enthusiasts for Large Corporations

  • Help Social Innovators Advance their careers, business and Initiatives

  • Create Collaborations from Social Innovators across the World

  • Create an online and offline forum for Social Innovators to show case 

  • and advance their initiatives

  • Create Collaboration and Support for research in Social Innovation Field

  • Be a link between Africa Social Innovators and their counterparts across the world

  • Help Members get recognition from reputable organizations across the world


Social Innovations Academy

We are collaborating with the award-winning Social Innovation Academy, which in only a year attracted 60+ collaborating partners from around the globe who contribute to the curriculum development.

Social Innovation Association

Social Innovation Association is the only global membership-based organisation uniting visionary and committed organisations and individuals who believe in the power of innovating for good.

To participate, sponsor or partner with us, please reach out to