Social Innovation And Immersion Progam

Social Innovation And Immersion Progam

A program designed to support Innovators and enthusiast explore career paths that is, provide a platform for grants support for SMEs, paid internship and access to mentorship etc. We believe that this is in line with our commitment to reduce unemployment among young people through these structured programs.

Our social immersion program gives young people a chance to take on real world challenges, learn new skills, gain meaningful experience and explore a career path. If your organization is looking for ways to conduct empowerment projects in communities, then this might be the right approach for you.

We bring together people who are passionate about making a change through their passion for grass root engagement, community health and social entrepreneurship. With our team’s constant monitoring you can stay updated and measure the success of programs that you were involved in.

You can also analyze the different outputs in terms of physical resources gained and outcomes in terms of improved standard of living using data provided by us.


  • Induction into Social Innovation Association
  • Opportunity to feature business venture on Social Innovation Academy
  • Grants supports to scale up Business