Teach for Hopefield


Encourages practical teaching of vocational skills; building skills and creating training in areas of trade. Through this program, youths would obtain meaningful training for employment, and have access to unlimited resources that would encourage apprenticeship and entrepreneurship.

THE Challenges

  • Experience from previous engagements has revealed that there are huge gaps in basic education system across the country. For example, Nigeria currently has the world highest number of out of school kids as indicated by United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF). Research has also shown that for effective learning system, the teacher pupil ratio should be 1:30 (for theory classes); 1:20 (for both theory & practical) and 1:10 (for
    practical). However, the ratio in Nigeria is on high end of 40:1**. It is even worse for disciplines like Home Economics, Computer Studies and Vocational Studies.
  • Our objective is to encourage the practical teaching of vocational skills in elementary schools to prepare future leaders who will be prepared for self-reliance and independence in their choices of career and reduce unemployment among young people.


  • We are introducing 500 trained volunteers in specific skills of vocation to teach and complement teaching efforts in public schools across Nigeria starting with the south-west of Nigeria.
  • We currently have 165 active volunteers in our network. Through collaborations and partnerships, we look forward to taking this to 500 in two (2) years.

If you or your organization is interested in partnering with us, please send an email to info@hopefieldnetwork.ng