May Webinar –
Creating sustainable value as an Intrapreneur

by Adeola Adeniran, June 25,2020

The last Hopefield webinar was held via Zoom on the 29th of May 2020, where we had a conversation about creating value as an employee, also known as Intrapreneurship.

Truthfully, Intrapreneurship is a subject that takes years to learn. Covering it in one hour would only be an eye-opener into what creating value exactly is or should really entail. Here is a recap of the conversation.

Let’s get right on into the gist.

An Intrapreneur is basically an employee who thinks like an Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are Result driven, Proactive, Problem Solvers (innovators), Open to helping others succeed and understand the power of delayed gratification. Examples are Tony Elumelu, Femi Otedola, Don Jazzy etc.

What barriers do people face today to become an intrapreneur?

  1. Unfavorable Work Environment
  2. Bad Boss
  3. Lack of exposure
  4. Lack of ideas/creativity
  5. Lack of Skill
  6. Mindset! Mindset! (trust me this is the most important)

Come to think of it, why should I bother to be an Intrapreneur (cos heyyyy It’s not my father’s business), they do not pay me extra for what I do? Work never finishes, and my boss turns down almost every idea I have.

To overcome these barriers, you really need to know your why. Why are you working? Some of the reasons may be;

  1. To pay your bills and take care of your fam
  2. To build a career/reputation
  3. To learn and start your own business someday
  4. To hopefully change the world.

Guess what? Cristiano Ronaldo is a full-fledged employee, and he is very powerful at this. To get your ideas through and be noticed at your workplace as an Intrapreneur, you should-

  1. Align your objectives with the objectives of your boss and company
  2. Build the required competence to add value
  3. Embrace feedback and don’t take rejections personally
  4. Build credibility – Always over-deliver – one small task at a time.

I will encourage you to follow the link for the full recording and get more juice from the questions and answer session. Our, guest, Sefa Ikyaator said

“By all means, avoid office politics but rather build genuine relationships with your colleagues and leverage on this to achieve your work”

The May Webinar was an hour well spent, and I’ll like to invite you to register for our next webinar scheduled to hold on the 26th by 7 pm. We will be discussing “Investment and Employment Opportunities for Millennials in Nigeria’s Agro-allied Value Chain Sector” with Victor Ayodeji Oritedi, Head of Commercials with Thrive Agric Ltd.

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